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⑴ TVB《大时代》所有配乐


1、The Hallyway(Love theme) --James Newton Howard

2、The line up/Fireside chat --Randy Edelman

3、Several Letters --Thomas Newman

4、Kicking Bird's gift --John Barry

5、Killing --Elmer Bernstein

6、Jack and LIly -- Randy Edelman

7、The Bluff --James Newton Howard

8、Part III --Hans Zimmer

9、The Clock--James Newton Howard

10、Victor -- James Newton Howard

11、End Credits --John Williams

12、Molly --Maurie Jarre

13、所有电影《与敌同眠(Sleeping with the Enemy)》的原声音乐,作曲Jerry Goldsmith。

14、Fire in a Brookylin Theatre -- Randy Edelman

15、I had a farm --John Barry




2、未曾后悔 BEYOND (孝婷恋部分)




6、几段情歌 (出现在陈滔滔独自到山顶抽烟那一段)


8、灰色轨迹 Beyond (某集丁孝蟹开着车,前奏音乐,之后便是和方婷接吻时放的“未曾后悔”)

9、乘风破浪 杨诗蒂(方展博狱小犹太第一次分开前)

10、奋斗 甄妮 (也是小犹太和展博在一起时的歌)

11、天各一方 (小梅坐在回老家的大巴上盼展博来送她…)


13、京华春梦 汪明荃 (同上)

14、网中人 张德兰(同上)

15、每当变幻时 薰妮 (找到阮梅和纪文去找展博时放过的一首歌)


⑵ 《僵尸新娘》中众多骨架欢迎Victor时唱的歌(开头是die die....的)叫什么

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Here ye, here ye, 10 minutes to go
till Van Dort's wedding rehearsal.

Watch it!

- It's a beautiful day
- It's a rather nice day

A day for a glorious wedding

A rehearsal, my dear
To be perfectly clear

A rehearsal for a glorious wedding

Assuming nothing happens
That we don't really know

That nothing unexpected
Interferes with the show

And that's why everything
Every last little thing

Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go

- According to plan
- Our son will be married

- According to plan
- Our family carried

Elevated to the heights of society

- To the costume balls
- In the hallowed halls

Rubbing elbows with the finest

Having crumpets with Her Highness

We'll be there, we'll be seen
Having tea with the queen

We'll forget everything
That we've ever, ever been

- Blimey! It's my dress is caught.
- Begging your pardon, ma'am.

- Come on, dear.
- It's not me. It's my dress is caught.

Where is Victor? We might be late.

Fish merchants.

- It's a terrible day
- Now, don't be that way

It's a terrible day for a wedding

It's a sad, sad state of affairs we're in

That has led to this ominous wedding

How could our family have come to this?

To marry off our daughter
To the nouveau riche

- They're so common
- So coarse

- Oh, it couldn't be worse
- Couldn't be worse? I'm afraid I disagree

They could be land-rich,
Bankrupt aristocracy

Without a penny to their name

Just like you and me

Oh, dear.

And that's why everything
Every last little thing

Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go

- According to plan
- Our daughter will wed

- According to plan
- Our family led

From the depths of deepest poverty

- To the noble realm
- Of our ancestry

And who would have guessed
In a million years

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2 johnny depp配音的僵尸新娘台词!英文强的进!

- That our daughter with a face
- Of an otter in disgrace

Would provide our ticket
To a rightful place

Oh, Hildegarde.

What if Victor and I
don't like each other?

As if that has anything
to do with marriage.

Do you suppose your father and I
like each other?

Surely you must a little?

- Of course not.
- Of course not.

Get those corsets laced properly.

I can hear you speak without gasping.

You've certainly hooked a winner
this time, Victor.

- Now, all you have to do is reel her in.
- I'm already reeling, Mother.

Shouldn't Victoria Everglot
be marrying a lord or something?

Oh, nonsense! We're every bit
as good as the Everglots.

I always knew I deserved better
than a fish merchant's life.

But I've never even spoken to her.

Well, at least we have that
in our favor.

Mayhew! Silence that blasted coughing.

Marriage is a partnership,
a little tit for tat.

You'd think a lifetime watching us...

Might have taught her that

- Might have taught her that
- Everything must be perfect

- Everything must be perfect
- Everything must be perfect

That's why everything

Every last little thing

Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing
Must go

According to plan

Look at the way you're standing.

You look like you got rickets
or something...

Oh, my goodness. Oh, such grandeur!
Such impeccable taste!

Oh, beautiful, innit?

It's not as big as our place, dear.

- Bit shabby really, isn't it?
- Shut up.

Lord and Lady Everglot...

...Mr. And Mrs. Van Dort.

Why, you must be Miss Victoria.

Yes, I must say, you don't look a day
over . No. Oh, yes.

Smile, darling, smile.

Well, hello. What a pleasure.
Welcome to our home.

Thank you.

We'll be taking tea
in the west drawing room.

Oh, do come this way,
it's just through there.

Oh, I love what you've done with the place.
Who is your decorator?

Nice tiles, shame about the drapes.

My husband says such foolish things.
Ignore him.

Yes, it's usually best.

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3 回复:johnny depp配音的僵尸新娘台词!英文强的进!
- Do forgive me.
- You play beautifully.

I... I... I do apologize, Miss Everglot.
How rude of me to... Well...

Excuse me.

Mother won't let me near the piano.

Music is improper for a young lady.

Too passionate, she says.

If I may ask, Miss Everglot...

...where is your chaperon?

Perhaps, in...
In view of the circumstances...

...you could call me Victoria.

Yes, of course. Well...

- Victoria...
- Yes, Victor.

Tomorrow, we are to be m...

M... M...

- Married.
- Yes. Married.

Since I was a child, I've...
I've dreamt of my wedding day.

I always hoped to find someone
I was deeply in love with.

Someone to spend
the rest of my life with.

- Silly, isn't it?
- Yes, silly.

No. No, not at all, no.

Oh, dear. I'm sorry.

What impropriety is this?

You shouldn't be alone together.

Here it is, one minute before
and you're not at the rehearsal.

Pastor Galswells is waiting.
Come at once.

Master Van Dort,
from the beginning. Again.

"With this hand,
I will lift your sorrows.

Your cup will never empty,
for I will be your wine.

With this candle,
I will light your way in darkness.

With this ring, I ask you to be mine."

- Let's try it again.
- Yes. Yes, sir.

With this candle...

This candle...

This candle.

- Shall I get up there and do it for him?
- Don't get all aflutter, dear.

With this candle...


Get the door, Emil.

Let's just pick it up at the candle bit.

A Lord Barkis, sir.

I haven't a head for dates.

I'm a day early for the ceremony.

- Is he from your side of the family?
- I can't recall.

Emil, a seat for Lord Barkis.

Do carry on.

Let's try it again, shall we,
Master Van Dort?

- Yes. Yes, sir. Certainly.
- Right.

Right. Oh, right!

- With this... This...

With this hand...

...I... With...

Three steps, three!

Can you not count? Do you not wish
to be married, Master Van Dort?

- No! No.
- You do not?

No! I meant, no,
I do not not wish to be married.

That is, I want very much to...

Pay attention! Have you
even remembered to bring the ring?

The ring? Yes. Of course.

- Dropping the ring.
- Oh, no, he's dropped the ring!

- This boy doesn't want to get married.
- How disgraceful!

Excuse me. Got it!

Out of the way, you ninny.

Oh, dear! Oh, my! Giddy on, there's a
woman on fire! Help! Emergency!

- Oh, I hope it doesn't stain.
- Stop fanning it, you fool.

- Get a bucket, get a bucket.
- I'm on my way, dear. Yes. Oh, dear!

Enough! This wedding cannot take place
until he is properly prepared.

Young man, learn your vows.

Well, he's quite the catch, isn't he?

Oh, Victoria.

She must think I'm such a fool.
This day couldn't get any worse.

Hear ye, hear ye! Rehearsal in ruins
as Van Dort boy causes chaos!

Fishy fianc?could be canned!

Everglots all fired up
as Van Dort disaster ruins rehearsal!

It really shouldn't be all that difficult.

It's just a few simple vows.

With this hand, I will take your wine.


With this hand...

...I will cup your...

Oh, goodness, no.

With this...

With this...

With this candle, I will...

I will...

I will set your mother on fire.

Oh, it's no use.

With this hand,
I will lift your sorrows.

Your cup will never empty,
for I will be your wine.

Mrs. Everglot.

You look ravishing this evening.

What's that, Mr. Everglot?
Call you "Dad"? If you insist, sir.

With this candle,
I will light your way in darkness.

With this ring...

...I ask you to be mine.

I do.

You may kiss the bride.

- A new arrival.
- He must've fainted.

- Are you all right?
- What..? What happened?

By Jove, man. Looks like
we've got ourselves a breather.

- Does he have a dead brother?
- He's still soft.

A toast, then.

To the newlyweds.


In the woods,
you said your vows so perfectly.

I did?

I did.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Coming through, coming through.

My name is Paul, I am the head waiter.

I will be creating your wedding feast.

Wedding feast! I'm salivating.


Keep away!

I've got a...
I've got a dwarf.

And I'm not afraid to use him.
I want some questions. Now!

- Answers. I think you mean "answers."
- Thank you, yes, answers.

I need answers.
What's going on here? Where am I?

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6 回复:johnny depp配音的僵尸新娘台词!英文强的进!

Who are you?

Well, that's kind of a long story.

What a story it is.

A tragic tale of romance, passion...

...and murder most foul.

This is gonna be good.

Hit it, boys.

Hey, give me a listen
You corpses of cheer

At least those of you
Who still got an ear

I'll tell you a story
Make a skeleton cry

Of our own jubiliciously
Lovely Corpse Bride

Die, die, we all pass away

But don't wear a frown
Because it's really okay

You might try and hide
And you might try and pray

But we all end up
The remains of the day

That's right.

Well, our girl was a beauty
Known for miles around

When a mysterious stranger
Came into town

He was plenty good-looking
But down on his cash

And our poor little baby
She fell hard and fast

When her daddy said no
She just couldn't cope

So our lovers came up
With a plan to elope

Die, die, we all pass away

But don't wear a frown
Because it's really okay

You might try and hide
And you might try and pray

But we all end up
The remains of the day

That's right.

Okay. Oh, yeah.
Come on, boys, pick it up.

Yeah. Like it.

Okay, Chancy, take it.



That's nice.

So they conjured up a plan
To meet late at night

They told not a soul
Kept the whole thing tight

Now, her mother's wedding dress
Fit like a glove

You don't need much
When you're really in love

Except for a few things
Or so I'm told

Like the family jewels
And a satchel of gold

Then next to the graveyard
By the old oak tree

On a dark foggy night
At a quarter to

She was ready to go
But where was he?

And then?

- She waited
- And then?

- There in the shadows, was it her man?
- And then?

- Her little heart beat so loud
- And then?

And then, baby, everything went black

Now, when she opened her eyes
She was dead as st

Her jewels were missing
And her heart was bust

So she made a vow
Lying under that tree

That she'd wait for her true love
To come set her free

Always waiting for someone
To ask for her hand

Then out of the blue
Comes this groovy young man

Who vows forever
To be by her side

And that's the story
Of our Corpse Bride

Die, die, we all pass away

But don't wear a frown,
Because it's really okay

You might try and hide
And you might try and pray

But we all end up
The remains of the day


Victoria, come away from the window.

Oh, I'm sure he'll be back shortly.

He's terrified of the dark.
In fact, when he was a boy...

...he used to wet his combinations

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7 回复:johnny depp配音的僵尸新娘台词!英文强的进!
regularly, didn't he, William?


Lord Barkis.
I trust the room is to your liking.

Thank you,
you are a most gracious hostess.

Which is why it pains me
to be the bearer of such bad news.

Would you care
to repeat tonight's headline for us?

Hear ye, hear ye!

Victor Van Dort seen this night on the
bridge in the arms of a mystery woman!

The dark-haired temptress and Master
Van Dort slipped away into the night!

And now, the weather.
Scattered showers...

Enough! That will be all.

Mystery woman?
He doesn't even know any women!

Or so you thought.

Do call for me
if you need my assistance...

...in any way.

Good heavens, Finis,
what should we do?

Fetch me musket.

William, do something.

The town crier
probably just had a slow news day.

You know how it is,
you need a little something to cry about.

Regardless, we are one groom short
for the wedding tomorrow.

Not to mention
the financial implications.

A most scandalous embarrassment
for us all.

Oh, give us a chance to find him,
we beg of you.

- Just give us until dawn.
- Very well. Till dawn.

Victor, darling, where are you?

If you ask me,
your boyfriend is kind of jumpy.

He's not my boyfriend,
he's my husband.

Victor, where have you gone?

I'll keep an eye out for him.


There he goes, there he goes!
He's... He's getting away!

Quick, quick, after him!

⑶ victor's piano solos什么意思




⑷ 《真人玩偶》免费在线观看完整版高清,求百度网盘资源

链接: https://pan..com/s/1i4wLOnWu1tpbgMmivNZ-AA

?pwd=8ir7 提取码: 8ir7
导演: 恩斯特·刘别谦
编剧: E·T·A·霍夫曼、汉斯·克雷利、恩斯特·刘别谦、A.E. Willner
主演: Josefine Dora、Victor Janson、Marga K?hler
类型: 喜剧、奇幻
制片国家/地区: 德国
语言: Silent Film
上映日期: 1919-12-05(柏林电影节)
片长: 48 分钟、58 分钟(2000 restored version) (20 fps)、Belgium: 70 分钟( with French titles at Brussels Musée Cinéma)
又名: The Doll

Proceeding The Cabinet of Dr Caligari by one year, this is both vintage early Lubitsch with its sly slapstick and Rabelaisian humour, and the only work that shares the subliminal, hallucinatory style of German expressionism. He exhibits a blinding array of camera effects, like an astounding shot of a dozen images of mouths in one frame. Also ahead of his time is an opening scene with Lubitsch himself constructing a miniature stage contraption that becomes the film set. A Pirandelloesque concept of art and artifice informs the Hoffman-inspired story about a man who purchases a life-sized doll to stand in for a bride. He gets more than he bargained for - the owner's daughter pretending to be doll!

Source: 28th HKIFF

⑸ 胜利大逃亡 是什么

PC GAME - 二战风云:胜利大逃亡


与悲惨的集中营不同,《胜利大逃亡》的故事发生在战俘营中,历史上有两个电影版本的《胜利大逃亡》,巧合的是,这两部影片均拍摄于 1963 年,不过广为大家所熟悉的是由著名影星史泰龙,世界级球星贝利主演的那一部,讲述的是一群来自各国的军官因为一场足球赛而获得了逃跑的机会,最后为了荣誉赢得各国人民的尊重成功从体育场逃走的故事,该片轰动一时,不过游戏版的《胜利大逃亡》取材于另一部同名影片,由已经去世的动作巨星史蒂夫.麦奎因主演,这部电影中所描述的是英美两国的战俘集体试图从战俘营中逃走的故事,不过最后只有少数几个人活了下来。而游戏的剧情大致也是如此,它需要你扮演四名不同的角色来成功地从战俘营中逃走。其过程整体上与电影无异,不过在细节处理上更加地复杂细致一些,你在游戏里还会看到不少经典的电影场景,不管你是将它当成是一部经典电影的怀旧,还是当成一次考你智慧的游戏,都请不要忘记,在游戏结尾所写的,“谨以此片,献给那些在二战中为追求自由和荣誉而牺牲的战士!”

■ 主要登场人物简介

⑹ 抖音庆祝胜利,战歌是什么音乐




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